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A Food for Thoughts for Gbagyi Youth
Universally, youth, are distinct from children and adults. This period in the individual and human development constitute a continuum. It is associated with a number of characteristics. Prominent of these are, high introspection, self criticism, and hyper-sensitivity to criticism. They are robust in physical and mental expression and are driven
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Gbagyi Unity: Not Just A Dream
Gbagyi, despite the trends of modernity, still retain an appealing simplicity which is not enticed by the lure of wealth and glamour: Their women are simply dressed in their traditional wrappers and for some, blouse even their young maiden, and of course the elderly men who are equally not dressed
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Land As A Resource
Closely related to the preceding, is the fact that Land is not produced or reproducible. Land was created. It is the world, the planet from which man evolved, with the sun that energizes it and the orbit that tempers it. It is a free gift, variously expressed in
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